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A lot of effort goes into writing Salvus so please consider citing us. We are currently preparing a proper paper - if you want to cite us right now, please use this:

  author  = {Michael Afanasiev and Christian Boehm and Martin van Driel and Lion Krischer and Max Rietmann and Dave A. May and Matthew G. Knepley and Andreas Fichtner},
  journal = {Geophysical Journal International},
  note    = {submitted, manuscript ID GJI-S-17-1139.R1},
  title   = {{Modular and flexible spectral-element waveform modeling in two and three dimensions}},
  year    = {2018}

We also try to keep track of other people's work involving Salvus. Below you can find an (incomplete) list of publications that use Salvus:



Salvus in other news

Simulations for the InSight Mars mission